92 kx cylinder on a 91 kx bottom end

Does any body know if a cylinder off a 92 kx 250 will work on a 91 kx250 bottom end? I know the cylinders are different but they use the same base gasket so it should bolt on, but i'm not sure.

It will fit BUT I don't think it will work, I think the 92 is the first year of the 66.4 bore by 72 stroke and the 91 was the last of the 67.4 bore by 70 stroke.



Ok thank you

now I have a 92 kx250 2stroke my uncle blew the head and took it apart and lost the cylinder jug idk how it just disappeared... anyways what year jug will fit I want it to run semi correct what do I need to do desperately need to get back on the trails

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