Troy Lee/Lucas Oils replica bikes

Last weekend I purchased a 2002 CR125 for my son who is moving up from an 85. We have looked at a ton of pics and have almost decided to make the bike a replica of the Troy Lee/Lucas Oils Honda bikes. Could any of you that have done this post pics of your bikes? 125's would be great but please post pics of CR250's and CR500's also.

Thanks man. I saw that thread but was hoping there were some more members with Lucas Oils/TLD bikes that could post some pics.

My 2004 cr250. Picked up a full graphics kit including seat cover from eBay.


I just finished mine and did this kit over white plastics. I got it from the guys over at BTO, they are great to work with. I will take some pics of it tonight.

Here is my bike with the new plastics and graphics. I haven't attached the seat cover yet, just stretched it over the factory seat to see what it looked like.


thats a good bike.


anyon knows where to get those all pink plastics that honda troy lee has on CRF450s?

That looks great! I think we are gonna stick with the all red plastics. But I bet the pink Troy Lee/Luca Oils graphics would look good on white plastic.

But it should look beter with all pink honda plastics.

thats a good bike.


anyon knows where to get those all pink plastics that honda troy lee has on CRF450s?


they paint the plastic.  same with the flo orange and yellow. 

what typ of paint sticks to plastics well?

what typ of paint sticks to plastics well?


Visit your auto paint supplier.  You need a product called "adhesion promoter" and scuffing the plastic before anything with 400 grit paper helps alot. 

There is mine before the black wheels and after.



here is my cr500 aluminum frame conversion. i have the blue seat cover still if anybody needs one. 



Great looking bikes! Keep the pics coming!!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379465459.814803.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379465483.414634.jpg

That looks great with the black! Sweet!!

Just wondering if anyone has purchased their graphics from eBay? Considering picking a set up soon from there. Curious of their quality.

Well, after going back through this thread, I see redwheeliemonster did. Do you happen to have the name of the seller or link to the ad? Would like to get a set minus the seat cover if possible to reduce the cost. I noticed most without a cover are produced by companies I have to experience with their quality. I know nstyle has great quality.

BTO has the nstyle ones in stock. That's where I got mine. They all seem to come wirh the seat cover.

Mention that you listen to their podcast and get 10 or 15% off. I can't remember what the podcast is called but a quick google search will find it.

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