'07 YZ450F Rear Suspension Shaft Rusted ?

Can someone help me out please,  I'm having my suspension modified (I'v gained a little weight), the shop has told me that the Rear Suspension "Shaft" is extremly rusted and needs to be replaced.  When looking at the manual/online I can not see what is meant by "shaft" - can someone tell me please, what part could the shop mean by this term ?  They are telling me the rust issue is probably due to water not being able to seep out after riding/washing due to mud & stuff blocking the seep holes.


Your help is GREATLY appreciated.


Most likely the rear shock shaft.  That won't be in your parts book. 


The usual cause is water gathering in between the bottoming bumper and the shaft.  People who ride in wet environments a lot, or who wash their bikes often need to be aware of this.  It can usually be prevented by sliding the bumper up the shaft while the bike dries.

I've got a good shock $75 if you need it. You could also have it rechromed. I'd say that would be expensive.

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