Who makes lighter but stronger aftermarket wheels for 2012 kx450F?

My stock wheels are getting pretty trashed, looking for an excuse to shop around for aftermarket wheels.  I don't want to add weight to the bike, and many of these aftermarket wheels are just plain heavy (and junk, in my opinion).


I realize that top-of-the-line wheels are pretty expensive, but there are so many out there, just looking for some ideas and direction as to where to go.


I came across a website for a guy in Florida that will anodize your stock hubs and lace up new rims for a fraction of what it costs to buy new wheels -- I just might go that route to add some bling, because the stock wheels seem to hold up pretty good and if my goal is to save weight, I'm not sure that I want to spring for the cost of high-dollar wheels.


Whatever the case, give me some ideas/feedback -- thanks much --

I had a set of Excel A-60 rims laced on stock hubs with Excel heavy duty spokes and spline drive nipples. They were extremely strong, I would definently recommend them. They are gonna add some weight over the stock set up though. I think it cost me about $600 for the rims, spokes, and getting them laced.

Check out the rmz450 thread weight as the a guy is running tcr hubs that are lighter.

Try the SM pro platinum wheels/bulldog spokes from ksrwheels.net. They have been getting some good press and the wheels are supposed to be stronger and lighter than anything else.


I just bought some spokes from them FWIW.

Hey all, thanks for those ideas and feedback.  I will check out ksrwheels.net.  I did find at fasterusa.com they have some wheels with tcr hubs and excel rims -- the sets are $879 on e-bay or through their store -- I did talk to someone at dubya and they basically said that their wheels are probably heavier than stock, but they are geared towards being stronger and handling pro-level abuse.  I just don't want to add more weight to the bike if I don't have to --

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