not enough oil?

2011 rmz450. Ok changed oil, pulled both drains and took off filler cap and the plug to the upper left of the big plug on left side of case. Put exactly.1200 ml, even says 1200 on oil filter cover. But nothing came out the little plug, isn't it supposed to stay to come out the small plug when full?

I never use that, if you put in 1200 you have enough for sure, maybe too much actually.

I think the check bolt is to be used with the triangle side stand in so the bike is to one side but I could be wrong

Now im comfused I read that the small plug on the right side of the case was the check plug. Put 1200 ml i rode it and vented all over bottom of bike. I pulled plug on right side, on center stand and 200ml came out and kept coming.

All you guys change your oil and no answers?

sounds like you didnt take enough out.when draining the oil i like to kick it over with the kill switch pushed and a piece of cardboard shielding the hole by the gear shifter.the oil pump will push a few onces out.if you didnt change the filter it would also explain too much oil it till hot let it sit for 5min.and pull the level check bolt and let it drain.

Ok now for clarification the level check bolt is on right side case?

Just put a hair more than a quart in and ride it like a that I mean hard. Change it often. If you put more than that in it will just burp out the overflow tube anyway. This bike pukes a lot for some reason.

Ok now for clarification the level check bolt is on right side case?

Yes,It's on the clutch cover,but make sure you warm it up and let it sit for 5 min.then take the bolt out.All the excess oil will come out.If nothing comes out pour some more in.

Always use the check hole with bike level on a stand.

Ok sweet, thanks everybody. Funny how some remedial things get so hard lol.

I always check when cold and look if something come out. I put in nearly 1400ml.

To get an accurate amount in you need to follow the manual instructions.It should be done with engine warm,sitting for 5 min.

It's important after an oil change to run the engine and get all the voids filled back in with oil and then let it settle.

Ok I found the third drain bolt. Put in 1200 warmed up and drain so a little came out so hopefully I got it now.

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