Sprockets/gearing possible - 112 chain

Searching, but can't find the info I'm seeking, so please bear with me?


S model that spends most of it's life moving (faster) offroad.


I get by with the stock gearing, but wouldn't mind the option of a relatively quick / simple change that would lower the gearing for tighter single-track.



Which chain?

Does going with 14 teeth work with the 112 length ....or would it be better to go with a 47/48/49 rear sprocket, while sticking with the stock 15 front?

What chain length is req'd and does this pose any issues with the guides?




PS: played around a little with Gearing Commander and losing 15-20 mph top speed would kill-the-thrill of a fireroad rip



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14/44 will work with the 112 link chain. Changing the front sprocket is a lot cheaper than doing the back plus you get to do the loctite fix when you change over.  Sorry, I don't have any recommendations regarding brand but will suggest a good quality oring type chain. 


Edit:  For the tight single track here in Oregon I like to run 14/49 but that will severely reduce top end speed.  I tried this combination when my 112 link chain had about 2500 miles on it and it barely fit with enough slack, I'm not sure it would work with a new (non worn) chain. 

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I changed both for the reasons you state.

14/47 for slower offroad.

15/47 for faster stuff. (14/44)

same chain.

with this setup just change the front as suggested by npm, depending on type of riding, works good for me.


I didn't want chain guide problems so stuck with 47 rear.

Although this doesn't answer your question directly, a 110 link chain with 15:44 gearing is right at 0 on the adjusting snail.



14/47 is fine with 112. it's fantastic for single track. 1st gear has a very good speed, and 5th still runs 65mph but isn't comfortable for the rider. 


15/47 is the best comprimise for a drz, imho. good for single track, great for fire roads, and decent for highways. interstates suck no matter what, so i don't ride them. 


best for singletrack ? 14/52, no doubt. if your battery is good you can chug up a short hill with just the starter in first gear, but i'm sure someone here will say i'm killing the bike. whatever. it's low enough to do very good stuff in single track, but forget about the interstate, ever. highways mean 53mph is annoying. 60 is just too much. about 45-48mph is comfortable, and kind of "well, i'm going to enjoy it when i get to the nasty trails, i'll sip the camelbak and wait a while for now". 


i have two sets of wheels:

mags for street, and 15/39

21/18 S wheels for everything else, at 14/52 <---- THIS is where the fun is

Excellent help, much appreciated.

Think I'll go with the 15/47 and also pick up a 14 tooth front for some experimental fun

Really don't want to deal with chain guide problems, nor do I want to buy two chain lengths.


Just looking for lower gearing with some grunt at slower speeds....and the ability to loft that heavy front wheel over obstacles....which I can't do very well with the current set-up


Thanks for all the useful info!!

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