hub bearings

I am replacing my rear bearings, and on the disc side there was a circlip and it broke coming out. My new kit from kawasaki does not have this circlip. Why? do i need to order this?

If you broke the snap ring then yes you need to order a new one and replace it.

Got the clip, put everything back together and my wheel seems harder to turn. If I grab the tire and swing it something is stopping it more than before.

Also one of the adjuster bolts are siezed, any tips to break it free? It's also quite stripped

Does it get tight after you tighten the axle nut? Make sure the bearings are seated all the way and greased.

If you are talking about the chain adjustment bolts, I took a drill with correct socket and took it out ,if it is stripped you could rethread it and make sure to put anti-seize on new adjustment bolt, that worked for me anyway.

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