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Great reliable bike for 18 year old?

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I recently sold my 400ex and thought I would be out of toys for awhile, yeah right lol. Anyways I'm looking for a dirt bike that I can ride pretty much everyday around my street and yard. I'm looking for something with enough power to keep my interested but at the same time I want to be able to just cruise around and have fun. I've had 2 dirt bikes so far a 04 crf150f (too slow) and a 2002 KX250 (wayyy too fast). I'm 5'9 and I don't care if the bike is small on me. I'm not going trail riding, racing or even going to the track. I want something that I won't have to constantly do maintenance on and something easy to work on. I can change the oil, spray the filter and chain but that's about it. I wanted a sport bike but between work,friends and school it wouldn't be worth the time or money. I like the peppy feel of 85's but I'm worried that because they are race bikes they will be to much maintenance and are too finicky. I want a bike I don't have to worry about putting hours on and can ride day after day without problems. I understand everything requires SOME maintenance and it all depends on how your ride. I treat my stuff well and don't hit jumps, rev the crap out of them or do hole shots. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!  

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I'm 50yo and have 2 sons 14 and 17.  We all ride track from time to time and a lot of trail.

We ride around our house and smaller trails like you describe.

That said, we ride Hondas.  We have 2 CRF250r , 1CRF250x and 1CRF150f.

Had a CRF230f but sold it.  It's a fat pig.  Slow and no fun to ride.

Had a CRF150r but sold it.  It was WAY fast and WAY loud.  The frame was too small. 

Again, it's an r, so you got to maintain it.

The r's are fast and fun, but like you said, you have to work on them.


The f is the shit.  You can use it 24/7 and never do maintenance and it doesn't care.

What we did was change the sprockets so it's geared a bit lower.  That slows it down a bit,

but makes it way torquey and fun in the woods.  Also, it's quiet, so the neighbors couldn't care less.


If you feel the f is just too small and boring, the x way faster than the f and only a bit louder. 

It's made for woods riding.  The engine is like the r, but it's tuned down so it should go longer

before it needs a $1000 top end.

Yes, it's heavier than both the r and f, at 230#  (vs 210# for the r) but I think it's a great bike.

We sold the 150r and now my 14yo rides the x.  He's not much into track riding.

The x is not a jumping bike.  It's a woods rider.  Has a girlie headlight and an elec start. Very riliable and

friendly riding bike.  It'll move when you goose it.  It's not an r though.


That's our experience.


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