Thinking of buying some land to ride on. How many acres?

I'm thinking about buying some land to ride on.  For anyone who has land they ride on do you ever have problems with people complaining about noise?


Would 10 acres be too small to carve out a decent trail?

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 Well my wife and I have 54 acres in northern az and it's plenty! Really though 10 acres could be a fun little circuit. I don't know if it's desert, forest, etc but 10 acres is pretty good size. On the noise issues I don't have any on my land, but it is bigger and my closest neighbor is about 1 mile away. If you have neighbors all around the land, it may be an issue, but in Az what you do on your land is fine so long as it's not illegal. Here noise isn't a real issue but if you have that ONE cranky neighbor they could be up your butt about anything to shut you down. My best advice is meet the neighbors, say hi, be respectful and "normally" there won't be an issue. But one cranky person could call the police about dust, noise, etc but I don't think the police could do much about it. Also become familiar about ANY noise ordinances, dust ordinances, what is legal on your land, etc. It always helps to know the laws inside and out incase something happens you know exactly where you stand legally.


Just my 2 cents, I hope it helps.

People complaining about noise depends how close they are. 30 acres right against a subdivision will get complaints, but half an acre surrounded by farm fields will bring no complaints.