Anyone have success filming with a go-pro hooked to handlebars?

Just tried to film some footage with go-pro hooked to handlebars and it looks like its from 1980 because of how much it shakes.


I like the perspective but the quality is terrible.


I'm not trying to spends a fortune on fancy mounts.  Are there any secrets to this?  Almost need a little shock absorber.



Ur best off getting the helmet mounts u can get it in the spare parts grab bag for 20 and you get a few sticky mounts the clip exc. not a fortune but also a great perspective.

I tried a bunch of things to attempt to stop the vibrations, I couldn't get any of them to work. on a 250 2T there is just way too much vibration, I even have rubber bar mounts and flexx bars which should help. May be easier on a 4T but you still have the "slams" and jerk when the bike hits stuff while there will still be vibrations. You would need one hell of a fabricated mount to make it work, IMO.

I tried it and did not like it, the vibration wasnt to bad but it was the noise. The noise was so loud that it was deafening when listing to it. And all u could see was my brake line bouncing up and down lol. I don't recommend it, it sux

Ok thanks guys.  I will stick with helmet cam.

i got good results on smooth dirt roads, but crap the moment it gets bumpy. i reckon the next best thing would be the chest mount as it gives a similar perspective... basically the lower the camera is the faster and more realistic the action will feel, so the chest mount is better than a helmet mount in some ways.


if you dont want to shell out the big bucks, just make your own with the black plastic base that came in the original packaging.



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