1996 XR600 carb jetting advice required

Hi all

Anyone got and experience of the jetting mods to get a bit more power from the standard carb on my bike.

It's got oversize headers and I've drilled out the standard tail pipe baffle apart from that it's pretty standard.


I had a 96 xr600, now I have another xr600, it's a 95.  They are the same (other than color).  Jetting depends on so many factors, but I can tell you what I was running in mine.  I live in Utah, about 4500 feet.  I ride from there all the way up to 11,000 in some cases, but most of the time in the 5000-8000 elevation.  On my 95, I have stock exhaust and the snorkel removed.  everything else is stock.  I'm running a 160 main and a 62 pilot.  seems to run pretty good at most elevations.  it gets a bit rich up above 9000 feet or so, but still runs fine.  According to your location listed, you're in the UK, so I'm assuming most of the country out there is not high elevation like where I live.  I would start with stock jetting and go up one size on the main jet and then see how it runs.  If it runs good, you're probably as close as you're going to get.  jetting won't really give you any more power unless your jetting is so far off that it doesn't run correctly.  Hope that helps you get started.

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