adding coolant temp gauge help

Hey guys I had a spare digital rpm and temp gauge laying around, I have a sensor that screws in the engine head but not an inline one, today I went shopping and made one in PVC I'm just wondering if it will survive I have pics of the guage but I will put a picture of the home made sensor later tonight, I was thinking of placing it at the exit of the water from the engine and also what is the the temps it should run at or not exceed

Also my bike is a 2013 KTM 150sx 1378330232421.jpg1378330243911.jpg

I run a trail tech temp gauge, installed inline where water exists the engine.  I try to keep water temps 170-215 degrees.  Trail Tech has dummy lights built in, I have a light turn on when the bike is up to temp, and another that flashes when it's too hot.

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Alright thanks

Ok so nevermind my question I made one in copper, now my question is, is it worth it to put the temp gauge? On a 150sx


I did install it finally and it works great dont know what i would of done without it! Definetly saved my engine from cold seizure!

I bought a T copper tube then screwed in an 1/8 reducer and then screwed the sensor ^_^

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