Kickstart help?

i have a 2003 Yamaha TTR 125. The kickstart is broken. I can move it freely with ease up and down with a  finger and it wont kick over. Any help on what is causing this will be appreciated. Thanks.

sounds like a broken kickstart shaft :(

can you pull the shaft out of the bike?

no. i cant pull it out. when i push it up and down it does nothing and is very easy to push up and down

have i stripped the gear?

Seems like it's one of a few things.  Could be a gear like you said or the shaft as jackiefresh mentioned.  The kickstarter also has to have some kind of ratchet mechanism so there could be something wrong there. 


You could try draining the oil and see if any chunks come out, but I think you're pretty much going to have to remove the cover no matter what the cause is anyway.

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