Rm 250 smoke

I've had my bike a little over a year now but I'm still noticing some things I'm not sure of so bear with me lol. When I cold start it it smokes a decent amount but I'm pretty sure it's suppose to do that any way? After it warms up there's little to no smoke at idle which I think is good. Now this is what I'm unsure of. When I get in high rpm in the power band it smokes a pretty good lot. Is that normal? I mean I don't look like a train rolling down the road but I was curious. Seems like I smell a burning smell but that's probably just me. I hope

Thanks in advance

When you are "high in the powerband" you are riding it ~ not just sitting on a stand and rev'ing it up, right?  If so then it just sounds like your jetting is off, like the main jet is a couple sizes too big.  Is there a lot of unburnt premix (i.e. "spooge") coming out the silencer?

Yes it is when I'm riding it. And yes there some spooge. I also mix 32:1

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