'06 450 EXC how to mellow it out?

Tips please on how to make this more like a 520/525 in smooth power delivery. Thanks in advance.

The 450s not smooth?? :confused:

Get a 250

Haha funny. Leave your parent's basement and get some fresh air. Anyone with a real reply?

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Heavier flywheel or maybe auto clutch. Taller gearing might help, what are you running now?

Thank you. A friend is thinking of getting one and I'm helping him out. I have a 520 EXC. Have raced: KX 250, XR 400, DRZ400, etc, etc in harescrambles so I'm fairly up on bike stuff just not the 'newer' 450s. Rode one when they first came out and didn't like it at all. Hit too hard. Had too much 'ride on the front wheel' feel to me. But its not for me but we have equal tastes in bikes. Just getting an idea of whether this is worth getting or just stick with a 5xx.

I have both an 04 525 and an 04 450.


Install a HT Racing powervane intake stuffer and one of their torque headers. Fills in the low end which if both are done will be smother then a stock 525.



KTM OBDTR needle made a world of difference with mine. It came with the JD blue needle. The OBDTR has much less taper and much smoother right off idle. :thumbsup:

Got one in my 520. Thanks

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