1995 250 exc issues

i'm looking at this bike and it won't run. the owner says that the stator went out and he had that replaced and it ran for a while but quit on him on the trail and now nothing. is there any way to check the stator? the rotor/flywheel has some plastic looking buildup on it as well. any other things to check? the bike is in pretty decent shape and i'm pretty sure i can get it for $400. any other suggestions? think its a good buy?

You can test the stator, could probably find some specs online for it.

I think that bike has the old sem ignition. I seem to remember a bunch of plastic on something down there. Maybe the winding or something.

Take some pictures. Pull the rotor off to get a better look in there.

i have the rotor and stator off to test them but don't have the bike or any other parts as it isn't my bike yet. are the sem ignition parts hard to find? expensive? here are a few pics of the stator and rotor. i'm new to ktm's so any help would be appreciated.




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