Mylaps and Mac

So I bought a Mylaps Flex and I'm trying to find out if they have activation software that is compatible with Mac or not. They of course won't answer my emails because they already have my money, and searching here has turned up nothing. Does anyone have a Mac and a Mylaps and if so were you were you able to find software for it? Thanks

I don't know how to do it but your best bet is to do dual load windows and Mac OS onto your Mac. Or go to Walmart and buy a cheap windows comp just for my laps

Yeah, you'll need a windows machine with that.


Virtual machines (Parallels, vmware) work okay when it comes to hardware, sometimes better than others.  When I was doing radio work I didn't have many problems connecting to devices, but it wasn't always as easy as just plugging it in.

Never used bootcamp on the Mac, so I can't really speak to that.  Either way you'll need a Windows install disc and valid license.


My suggestion would be to find a cheap windows laptop and use it.  I've used in the past, when businesses upgrade they'll buy the old machines and refurb them, then resell them for cheap.  Also check pawn shops in the area, or look on craigslist.

Thanks for the info, Mylaps did get back and let me know I couldn't do it. Seems strange to me as I am sure there are lots of people who use Macs and race things. Either way I just borrowed my neighbors PC to activate it so I hopefully I will be all set. Thanks again.

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