All I have ever know in my MX hobby is KX250 2stroke.......

1991 KX250.

Awesome bike for me.

It is in perfect factory condition.

Forks and shocks rebuilt and valved for me by a pro shop.

I'm 49 and most laps are around my backyard track.  I rip it pretty good here and the local MX tracks/trails.


So, thinking, as middle age (or more) treat myself to a new ride.  I have the income and awesome shop and where-with-all to do what I want.

Backyard track helps for much seat time.


Was thinking of a new 250 two-stroke (KTM? is really the only builder of that style 250 2s mx).  Would be fine with that.  I'm sure a new bike will be different than my mint 1991.  But then I much different would it really be?


Maybe I should really mix it up and get a four stroke.  I'm leary of them as I know nothing about them.  But I'm totally capable of changing oil and adjusting vlaves and anything else.  Not looking for 2s versus 4s here.  Buy a new 4s and take care of it and it'll be fine for a long time.


So the question begs: 250 4s or 450 4s?

I know what I think and 250 fourstroke would be plenty.  Did I mention I'm a bad ass 49 year old father of three? :)

The thought of a 450 scares the crap outta me.


So.  How huge a difference will the 250 4s be over my tried and ture 250 2s?  I wont sell my 1991 KX250.   I'll always have that one.  But might the four stroke be so friggin weird for me that I wont ride it?




I havent rode any of the 2012+ ktm smokers but the 08 i rode was decent but felt nothing like any jap bike. 450s are not scary at all once you have some seat time, they are actually really smooth. Find someone locally that has one and ride it. I would only go 4 stroke if you can get fi, it is worth it after you ride carb and fi back to back.

I have a '99 YZ250 and an '06 CRF450R. The 4t is more of a tractor, a tractor that like to grip and haul ass. The biggest issue for me was learning throttle control on the 450. On my YZ250 smoker, I just wang it out and use the clutch alot, spinning the rear tire through ever turn and just having a blast. The thumper is a different story, less spinning the rear tire, more gripping, therefore throttle control is key. Heavier and feels a little bulky at first, but you'll get used to it. All in all, it's a totally different animal, but a fun one. You won't regret the purchase. If you do, just sell the damn thing, no worries.


Concerning the KTM vs jap bikes, I can only suggest to sit on them (and if you get lucky, ride them) and but the one that feels best for you. I'm getting ready to buy a new bike as well. I do t care about brand or looks or whatever. I've contacted the local KTM dealership (TJ's Cycles kicks ass!) and they are going to let me demo any KTM or Husaberg I want. Barger's Allsports is going to let me demo their KX450F. Also have a YZ 450F showing up tomorrow from a friend to try out. Just going to buy the one that's most comfortable. And then paint it pink to piss everyone off! But, at the end, I'll have a bike that I really enjoy.

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