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Best Riding Gear for Single Tack

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I've been trying to find the best pants, boots, shirt, personal protection to use when riding single track and quad/jeep trails, I don't ride track.


Right now I'm wearing Fox Switch Pants, a mesh short sleeve workout shirt and a chest only protector, along with knee guards. For Boots I have Sidi Adventure boots (water proof!)


I like the setup but the pants seam a bit heavy and bit to baggy for my style of riding. Any one have any product they know that are waterproof, breathable. won't melt onto my pipe, and be comfortable to wear for 160 miles of single track? Staying dry is very importnat to me as i often have to battle evening thunderstorms on my all day rides.

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I use military bdu's. Or my parametic pants a lot.

Plenty of storage. baggy enough to use knee guards, and they dry quick. Get the rip stop type. You can get all kinds of colors, they sell for police and fire ems etc.

I get fully soaked and air dry in fifteen to twenty minutes.

Brand types I have are truspec

& cintas. Lol.

I also have full riding gear but don't always like full moto look and bulk trail riding, plus in hot humid conditions, its nice getting more air flow.

I've also before, used silicone spray on a pair of pants to waterproof them. Use tent waterproofing spray. It worked.

I just carry a light waterproof jacket in my camelback pouch or fender bag. Get one that's big enough to fit over all the gear.

Hope this gives some ideas.

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