04 rmz 250 poping

I just reshimed my valve and it wouldn't crank I found out that I had it timed wrong. And before I knew that I messed with my carb and the fuel screw. It is poping when the joke is not on but if I use the choke it runs normal. I don't know I didn't set my fuel screw like I should have or not I live in Louisiana and its about 100 degrees right now. Another thing is my hot stry doesn't work and won't unhook from the carb. Any ideas??

The popping could be a leak at the stripped hot start. Id start there. Then check for exhaust leaks. Then intake leaks. Id double check if your pilot jet is clean. As for the fuelscrew, how many turns out did you have it before? Id go to stock and try around there. Im at 2.5-2.75 turns out.

Are you sure you have the right clearance now that the valves been re shimmed , this can cause backfiring it happened to me before 

I had the same problem and then I realized that the reason my hot start wouldn't pull is because it was wrapped around stuff so the cable wasn't long enough to hook up and the only way to hook it up was if u pulled the cable therefore engaging the hot start. So I was riding around with the hot start pulled. I took it off and reran it and hooked it up the right way and it runs great now

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That seems strange to me, that the hot start would cause that

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