Gear Ratios For Various EXC/XC-W Models

Is there a resource/table that compares gear ratios/spreads for the different models of KTM 2-Strokes ? I'm particularly interested in the models with wider spread (wide ratio 1gear/top-gear), and 200-300cc engine sizes, over the years. I have looked/searched, but other than some "feels like" discussion about sprockets, I haven't found anything really definitive. I'm new to KTM, so if this is common knowledge, I would like to learn.



I'm at 14/40 on my supermoto '00 300EXC.  


I'll be doing a roadrace trackday on saturday at The Ridge in western WA State and will probably go to 15/40 as it's a big track.


Hoping to see at least 105mph in 5th.  Too bad the early EXC only 5 speed, as i could really use another gear with this setup.  The fast guys will be passing me at 150+ down the front strait, so a few mph won't matter much.



I know this is of little help to 99% of you but it may be helpful to someone out there.

OK, WOW this is a popular topic!


I did a roadrace trackday on my 300 today and it was awesome.


I saw 104mph with 14/40 gearing.


Now I know I can wring this mf'ers neck and it will not blow up.

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