buying 04/05 200 exc, anything to know?

I am seriously considering getting a 04 or 05 200 exc. Is there anything I should know, look for, or be aware of.

This will be my first 2T, and it will be for singletrack woods riding.


Thanks for any suggestions, tips or advice.

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I just picked up a 05 exc200 a few months ago. Only ridden it a couple times so far. Seems to be everything the "200 cult" said it would Also bought a 2002 mxc300 and tried them out side by side with my friend. We loved them both even though the 300 was set up for someone with sixty pounds on me. They were just as advertised by the guys on the forum and fun in the single track woods. Both are in great shape and only cost $3,000 for the pair. Cheap fun!

both good years, just get right springs for your weight and jet it, 05 has better susp in the rear

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Thanks for the info, hopefully what I am looking for will come on the market around here.

Don't expect to find one at a yard sale down the street. You should be willing to drive to look at bikes. I only buy from seniors as the bikes are still in nice shape.

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