My front tire wabbles

My front tire on my pitbike wabbles when I ride how can I fix that? Can it be that the tire is bad ?

Is the wheel concentric?  It sounds like some of the spokes may be loose.  Wheel runout tolerance is adjusted via proper spoke adjustment.

is it a side to side wobble or an up and down wobble?

Is a wabble worse than a wobble?

It wobbles side to sideband is worse than a regular wobble

Have you checked the wheel bearings or the axel for wear? Is the rim badly bent?

No the rim is not bend to bad I'm thinking of just getting a new tire do u know any good websites to buy one for this pitbike


does it only wobble on the street?

A tire will not do anything... You need to make sure your rim is straight, wheel bearings are good, axle is tight, and spokes are tight. Sorry if I've repeated anything I didn't really read any of the other posts.

Yea it wobbles ob the street seems to carry a good selection of sizes & they have a good selection of parts for most pitbikes not sure if there's anywhere else cheaper

If it only wobbles on the street, its not wobbling at all, thats the way knobbies feel on the street.




Before just throwing money at the bike, suggest looking to find out what is wrong first



Raise the bike on a stand or milkcrate to get the front wheel in the air.


Grab the front tire and try to wiggle it from side to side. If it wiggles try to isolate what is loose. Is it moving at the axle? If it is, check if the bolt loose? If it is tighten it. If not look to see if it is the bearings or axle.


If its wiggles from side to side, but not from the axle/bearing area look to see if it is from the steering area and tighten or replace bearings there.


If no wiggle, place a piece of wood or something up against the fork so it almost touches the rim and spin the tire. You may then see if the rim wobbles back and forth. If yes fix spokes or rim. If not, move your piece of wood up a little to the top edge of the rim near where it meets your tire and spin again. That will tell you if your rim is out of round. If it is fix that, hopefully by adjusting spokes again.


Finally if everything still seems good, move the wood up to the tire and check it near the rim and farther out to look for side to side wobble. If everything else was good from earlier, you then have a tire problem. Let the air out, put soap suds or windex on where the tire meets the rim on both sides and fill it with air to reseat the tire. It may just not be seated evenly on the rim. If that doesn't do it you likely need a tire if it failed the tire wobble test, but everything else was good.


Just suggesting that you try to find what's wrong before you just buy parts. It can get expensive.


Hope this helps.

Thank u I will check thar out tomorrow morning

Its either a bent rim or bad wheel bearings 

Wheel bearings bad enough to make a wheel wobble would also push the brake pads back in the caliper giving an inconsistent and spongy front brake.  I doubt this is the case.  You have got a bent rim.

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