Clutch Cover guard/protector

managed to put a large rock through the clutch cover on my '05 400 exc (see pics, RH pic is stock undamaged unit) , I've patched it up with a heavy dose of JB weld but am loathe to throw out the cash for a new or good used one until i can find some protection. I have been doing some online searching for an aftermarket guard or ideas to build my own but so far haven't been able to find anything of any use. Thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone has built one or managed to buy one that's good.


Suggestions appreciated!





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CFC Offroad armor makes a stick on clutch cover guard for the RFS motors. eBay they are selling for $20 plus 3 dollars shipping. I've got one on order.

That's a nice looking guard and a great price!


Thanks guys, I'll check those out

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