Determine what exact bike this is 2006 KTM 525

Hi - 

A friend is looking at a 2006 525 the owner says it is an EXC the title says XC, is there a way to tell ??? Any visual clues ? The headtube sticker is rubbed away at the model number. 

Anyone have a clue as to how to tell what exactly the bike is ? 

I have tried the VIN Decoders without much luck. 

The VIN is VBKMXM4096M444864, anyone with some KTM insight ??? 



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The 525 EXC came stock with lights, a small 2.25 gal gas tank and a wide ratio trans, while the 525 XC had no lights, a large 3.4 gal gas tank and a close ratio trans.  Of course, other than the trans gears, all of these things are readily interchangeable.

I had the xc with no lights and massive tank. Chances are its the xc. An exc would be worth a tad more just because its factory plated. Who in thier right mind would sell something and not advertise it up as "plated"

07 was first year of factory plated.

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