DRZ carb hanging up, desmog?

Hey everyone! So I have a new-to-me DRZ and I'm having a few weird problems.

When I am slowing down to come to a stop, if I hold in the clutch, the engine will stay revving higher than it should. If I let the clutch slip to give the engine some resistance, it slows down to normal idle and stays that way, even once I pull the clutch in fully. So, what is sticking here???

Also, to just do a strict CA desmog, is a rejet necessary? With time, I may upgrade carbs, but for now uncorking a bit might be nice. I like simple, and emissions controls aren't simple.


For reference, 01 DRZ SSM with ~7k on the clock
Bone stock with a few cosmetic upgrades, TT guards, skid plate, rack, lights, etc.

You have the classic 'hanging idle'. Adjusting of the fuel screw (under the carb, blocked by a brass plug), not the idle speed knob, will resolve it.


If you uncork, you must rejet. If all you plan to do is remove the charcoal cannster, then you can leave the carb alone.

I don't want to fully uncork, which is probably the way I should have phrased it.
I strictly want to desmog, not swap pipes or any 3x3 mods, just emissions crap. 

Rejet suggested if I do that? Or just suggested anyways?

And adjusting which way? Any pics floating around?

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