WR450 Stator Cover Oil Modification

Hey all. I am seeking ways to increase the oil capacity on my 2008 WR450 in preparation for a 2500 mile journey down the Continental Divide Trail (next summer). B&B Offroad (Australia) makes a skid plate with an integrated 2-liter oil tank. See pic


Question: What is required to modify the Stator Cover to properly route the oil to the skid plate tank? Is it as simple as removing the plugs and tapping the exposed ports?


Any knowledge of where the oil from those ports is going to or coming from? I have searched for a detailed lubrication flow diagram, but have not found one.


Any help would be much appreciated.





There's a complete lube circuit layout in the manual, starting on page 2-21, but you need to get the company that thought this up to help you with it.


The picture shows a fitting having been added to the upper end of the return oil passage on the stator cover.  This is a simple matter of extracting the plug in that passage and adding in a fitting, then either closing off the passage beyond that point to the internal reservoir.  Then the oil must necessarily flow to the tank.  The question is, exactly how is it that the oil from the external tank is supposed to get from the tank to the internal reservoir where the feed oil pickup is located?  Seems to me that it would be necessary to drill and tap into the crankcase to accomplish this.  Just dumping it back into the sump does nothing beneficial.  It has to get to the feed oil port one way or other, so this almost certainly involves more modification than appears in the one photo.

Thanks for the feedback. I do have the manual and it is pretty basic. Does not show enough detail to know where the capped ports are pulling from.


I'll continue to research and let you know what I find. I do have contact information for the guy in Australia that does the conversion, but I have not been able to get a response yet. I'll keep trying.



The top line in the picture is obviously coming from the return channel visible atop the stator cover at the front of the cylinder.  The is no such channel in the stock WR cover that leads to the feed circuit, however.

I'll post the instructions for this retrofit next week. I have connected with the Yamaha Racing mechanic who setup the system in the picture and have a few more questions for him. I'll post the how-to and description of how it works later in the week.

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