Which better bargain...03 wr250f or 02yz250f with rekluse ?

Actually which is better bike to buy ....The 02 YZ250F looks a little wornout but seems ok engine wise. It has a recently installed rekluse which is pretty good for easy riding. Its a green sticker in CA. Owner is 2nd the other bike is a better looking WR250F with electric start and 03 so a red sticker. The WR had a little engine noise which I dont know if is normal or worn out parts. The e start is cool.


I am a new dirt rider but riding for 25 yrs. I had some dirt experience.


I am looking to ride mainly trails in CA no motocross (maybe some simple stuff :) . gotta make a decision. Both are priced at arounf $1500.

Appreciate your thoughts

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anyone with experience on either or both ?

I know nothing of which is better for Cali/sticker wise, but the WR sounds like a no brainer based on everything else.


E start - Huge.

Better shape (?)  

You ride mostly trails.  


Engine noise is normal, should be fairly obvious if something is wrong.  Shouldn't sound much different than the YZ aside from exhausts.

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I've owned both, and the e-start WR is a better trail bike. The YZ can be made into a great trail bike, but it will never have e-start. Choose wisely!!!

Another vote for the WR. Most racing 4t 250's Ive seen  are whipped to sh*.t

Thanks Guys I got the WR 2003. Now to the mods :)

The E Start is just the thing you need for life. I saw about 3-4 yz and not one started in 2 kicks. Almost all needed fiddling with the chokes, kicks fuel cocks :) The WR is just the button and wroom .... :)

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