Pro Circuit silencer 1992 RMX250

I have a Pro Circuit Works Pipe for my 1992 RMX250 on the way and I have not been able to find a supplier for the 304 silencer. All the stores I have contacted say it it no longer available. However, the 1992 RM250 version is still available. Does any know what is different about them and will the RM silencer fit on the RMX? The part number for the RMX version is SS91250X-304 and for the RM  it is SS91250-304.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.




I'm not sure what the x signifies in the part #......Maybe the RMX silencer uses the hanger vs mounted directly to the frame as the RM silencer does. Either way, I think a 91-92 RM silencer would work.


 Pro Circuit lists the SS91250X-304 as still being in stock....maybe give them a call.



Well, in the US this is when RM & RMX pipes start to get a little bit sketchy.  Around this time the RMX's used a longer stinger section on the pipe where the RM's had a shorter stinger section and a longer silencer.  They both used the same pipe diameters, so they will fit together but they could potentially be way too long.  But if this is all you can find then buy it and just plan on doing some cutting & welding.  I personally have cut down the tube section on an RM silencer to get it to fit an RMX.  The reason for cutting the silencer and not the pipe is because the silencer weld is hidden behind the number plate, so it looks factory when I'm done.


So if it's all you can find then buy it!  But don't be upset if you have to do some cutting and welding to get it to fit like it should.

I was finally able to find a store that would order the correct silencer for me and it's now in place. However, the mounts are way off and it makes me wonder if this is just the RM version with the RMX part number. With the silencer pushed all the way onto the stinger, the mounts look like this






The hole that lines up with the front mount was drilled by the previous owner to mount the FMF silencer. So I moved the silencer to the rear about 1/2", used the original mount hole on the front and made an aluminium hanger for the rear.








Almost looks factory fitted :D






Ok, here's the deal.  You have the correct RMX silencer, however you are missing the top OEM RMX silencer bracket, it replaces the aluminum bracket that you made and it actually has a rubber isolator in it as well.  Also, you are using the wrong rear fender, that's an RM fender not an RMX fender, that's why you had to cut it before your hand made bracket would fit.


In the end it'll work, so no biggie.

Here's a pic....




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