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Coolant in crank

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So a couple of months ago I was working on my bike and I thought my cylinder wasn't tightened down correctly so I loosened the screws a little bit (witout thinking) and a little coolant dripped from the exhaust side of the cylinder. I checked my coolant level and almost nothing had leaked out and im not even sure it leaked down any in my crank. But if it did it wouldnt be much. So i fired it up and it ran normally and since the gas passes trough the crank the little coolant should have passed out. But I took the motor apart and poured som two stroke oil down the crank and when I mounted the cylinder again i kicked it down hard like 5 times. It smoked really bad att first and I guess it did so from the oil in the crank so now any remaining coolant should have passed out. That was a couple of months ago and it haven't ran badly or made weird noises so I guess it's fine or should I worry? BTW it's a 125 ktm 2 stroke

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