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2T maintenance intervals?

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Hey guys I am thinking about picking up a 2T bike and making it a dual sport. Where I live all of the gas gas, husky and beta 2T bikes can be plated for the road. This will be used 90% dirt 10% street but obviously I will be putting more miles on it than a dirt only bike.


I have never owned a 2T so I was wondering what can I expect for maintenance?


Oil changes?

Filter changes?

Engine rebuilds?

How much does a rebuild cost if I do the maintenance? (I assume it's just rings and gaskets?)



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There is so much variation in the intervals you will just have to figure out what works for the type of riding you are doing and what type of bike you have.


I guess if enough people chime in you can get a decent idea but I'm willing to bet the intervals will be all over the place.


I mainly ride a YZ250 on trails in all kind of conditions. 


Transmission-  On my YZ250 I've changed the transmission oil ~ every 10 hours.  With the trails around here there is a lot of shifting going on.


Air filter- I clean on a need to clean basis.  If it hasn't rained then it is really dusty around here so it might need to be cleaned after a day of riding.  If it has recently rained there will be no dust in the air and the filter looks relatively clean after a day of riding.


Top End-  I have a cast piston I my YZ250 right now so I will be doing a new top end around the 50 hour mark. 


Rebuild cost- The YZ250 is new so I haven't had to do my first rebuild yet but on my RM125 with piston, ring, gasket, O-rings, wrist pin and wrist pin bearing I was under $150.

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