d tire advice for XR650L for Street & Trail Riding


I recently purchased a 1995 XR 650L & It's in need of new back tire. Im going to do about 60% of riding on street but would like advice on what brand & model tire is best for me. If it helps the front tire is more of a street tire then dirt.

Thanks in advance.  



Ok that was suppose to say Need Tire Advice, hate this laptop keyboard!!!!

I've had good performance out of the two Kenda 270's that I've used. Good balance between on/off-road, they last a while and they are not overly expensive. I'll likely buy another when the time comes.

K270 is a decent tire.not good in mud......but otherwise pretty decent..if you want more agressive get the D606 or MT21..



K270 is a decent tire.not good in mud.

I challenge you to name any tire that works well on the street that is also good in mud. :)


I have an MT21 on my 1994 XR and although it seems to work well in the dirt, I'm not happy with its traction on the street.


I'm going with Shinko 705 for my next set of tires in about a month.  I don't know how well those will work off road, but I expect wonderful things on the street.  I've been very happy with the IRC GP-110 on the street while still being not too bad off road.

Just went from a mt21 on the rear to a d606 and so far I'm happy. Better on the street and we will see how it does on the dirt next week.

Check out the link - http://www.mitas-tires.com/index.php/index.php?stranka=300&scid=337&pid=568&thread=&size=&PHPSESSID=jilzdhppbjzrgptj these are the tyres I have been using for over 7 years - they have good on and off road capability, last well and, IMHO, are real value for money - Scott, try them and see - I ride on average 10,000 miles a year in all kinds of conditions and can get 4000 miles out of them (on and off road here in The Gambia, West Africa). The tyres were originally designed for the Swedish Army 

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The pirelli xcmh is the best dual sport front i've tried so far. It works well off road and way better on road than you'd think a knobby could. It also wears pretty well too.


For the rear you might try an pirelli mt43 trials tire. I prefer a knobby off road but the mt43 does pretty good if you air it down when you get to the trails and wears well on the road because it has a lot of surface.

I have had a lot of success with running michelin ac-10's front and rear with 20 psi. These tires kick ass off road in all types of terrain, while still working good on pavement. However the rear tire is only good for about 1000 km ( 600 miles) if driven hard. I tried a michelin t-63 on the rear with a less aggressive profile in an attempt to get more milege. It worked good on pavement but was down right scary off road. I had a lot of near miss bad crashes because it was a shit tire in the dirt. And to make things worse, it lasted the same amount of time as the ac-10's! That was a real eye opener and am happy to be back on the ac10.

K270 is a decent tire.not good in mud......but otherwise pretty decent..if you want more agressive get the D606 or MT21..



Or michelin ac-10's. :thumbsup:

I only run Pirellis on pretty much all bikes that are streeted. 140 xcmh and mt-21 on big motors, smaller size for smaller bikes. I feel they are a good mix tire that does what it should. XCMH are 90/10 off/on. I change once yearly and do about 800mi+

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