Oven cleaner ok to clean cr250 motor?

I got a 2002 cr250 that I've been slowly fixing up little by little. The motor is pretty nasty with baked on dirt / stains scotch brite and simple green aren't cutting it. You think oven cleaner would work or will I regret it lol ?

I wouldn't do it unless you had the motor apart and the seals taken out, the metal can handle it for a couple minutes but I'm not sure how seals and gaskets would hold up to, just remember oven cleaner is super powerful and can damage metal if its left on for more than a couple minutes

Most oven cleaners are very caustic and can etch aluminum. They are commonly used to remove anodizing from aluminum by hobbyists at home. I would avoid it on your engine.

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It will ruin the finish, tust me!

Thank you guys

Stainless steel (like valves, either 2- or 4-stroke) is fine.  Works well for removing carbon deposits from those.

Since it is lye, it will damage aluminum.  Don't use it on that.

yeah I've been down that road before maybe you could soak it down with wd40 for the night then grab your sister's toothbrush and scrub it down using degreaser. It might have to be done several times.

I once used GOOP with a green scotchbrite and toothbrush on an old swingarm and engine. Worked pretty good. Keep it on for about 15 mins. then scrub and rinse.

Actually found this stuff at work today made by ZEP called formula 50 gave it a try today when I got home... Worked great let it sit for 2 minutes and power washed off :) now to get ready for the weekend and get her all dirty again lol.

Go on youtube and search for DIY soda blaster.  That is what you will want to use on your aluminum engine cases.  It will clean it up nice and cause no damage to seals or the aluminum.

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