I'm in the Club! California plated XR650R

Just picked up this little gem on a trade for my custom Roadstar and I even got a small stack of cash. It is a 2001 and it's California plated. Bless the man who plated this thing back in '02...

It has warp 9 wheels, some sort of cool anodized hubs (I'll figure them out), cool rotors,  full FMF exhaust, Voyager GPS, Scotts steering dampener, Scotts shark fin(?),some slick levers, baja designs kit, a big 'ol gas tank (some brand/model help would be appreciated!), what seems to be a lower seat, etc. I do really care about the technical aspects of each of these things, so don't think my vague description of some of these items means I am not in the know. I am just new to these machines, specifically.


4900 miles on the GPS and very little wear on the stator and clutch covers, so I assume the milage is pretty dang low still. Everything I read to look for when buying one of these seems to be in good shape. He says the clutch was "done". I assume they did the fix if it was needed. Either way, I'm checking.

It has yet to be uncorked. :) and it is still a beast. Also, I get some random low idles and headlight dimming that would lead me to believe the stator is to blame. Time to get out the multimeter! I will be rewinding the stator as per the write-ups online.


Here is my new beauty! She needs a good cleaning and polishing. I've already gotten rid of the scuffs you see on the side. Also, going to get a bit more creative than the PO with the electrical routing...


first pics1.jpg

first pics2.jpg

first pics3.jpg

first pics4.jpg

first pics5.jpg




when it's a nice sunny day outside don't take pics of new bike in a dark room  LOL


looks slick  and the plated deal is the best part

Ha! I know what you mean. Those are quick and dirty pics. Some nice shots will be up once I get her decent looking.

Here is a pic I took of the bike I traded, Ansel Adams. ;-) Only kidding!



Man, that bike you traded actually looks pretty good, but that XR is looking fresh! Whatever you do, do not sell this thing. These bikes are getting rarer and rarer (especially street titled) I'm hopefully going to get one soon to put next to my WR. You should get some supermoto wheels! :)

That looks to be a Scott's shark fin and an IMS 4.6 gal. gas tank.  Nice Bike!

I jus took it apart and it is already uncorked! Nice. I was wondering what even more power would feel like.

Thanks for the info, XRandWRRider.

Sooooper nice! Ditch that solid shark fin,looks good but it will bust the mount tab off the caliper. And that cost more than a stock disc guard!

  Either that....use 4 O-rings to with the mount screws to let it "float".

Oh yes,,,put some real dirt tires on it!! ,LOL  

Good info! Thank you. Oh yeah, dirt tires are going on tomorrow. I just need to decide which pumper carb to get...

Did a bit of sanding on the plastics to get them respectable.

first cleaning1.jpg

first cleaning2.jpg

first cleaning3.jpg

way better pics


looks great

I found a CRF fender at cycle gear that had been marked down several times. It was in $10 so I said" what the heck..." and I started chopping. In about 45 minutes my bike had changed looks. I think it looks great! I'm going to make a proper subframe addition to take care of the weight if the plate kit.



Dunlop D606 tires on, crf fenders on, new battery for the BD kit and front wheel bearings in the mail.


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the carb kit xr's only sell is an easy choice[ tm40 mikuni] ive had a fcr40mx on my brp, it gave a bit more hp, but majorly better response, it does require alot more mods to fit, ive now got a l/hand converted fcr43.5mm carb, this is the advantage of the fcr, it can be modded more for performance

Good info! Thank you. Oh yeah, dirt tires are going on tomorrow. I just need to decide which pumper carb to get...

Don't waste your BIG bucks on a pumper. I had one on mine and now have the stock one back on. [works just as good as a pumper] or REAL close) ,,I did something that the internet won't show on "search" for jetting the stock one.> PM me if you want.

PM'd! Fill me in on these secrets.

CONGRATS.... welcome to the R club....

I have been on one ride so far and it was awesome! I love the power without the madness of a big 2-stroke. I think I have officially drank the XRR kool-aid.

where you at in Cali????

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