Honda crf450r 2011?

Hi i am thinking of buying a Honda crf450r as a bike to have fun with and just riding in the weekends. Main topic is reliable service intervalls and repair. What do you guys think about a crf450 2011 that have done 69 hours, looks good to be a used bike and have done one pistonchange at 50h ?


I have an '06 CRF450R and it's fun. I do about the same thing with mine. Gets ridden once a month on some trails and once a month at the local MX track. Lots of power. Haven't had any issues.

The real Honda guys could help you out more than me about what to look for before buying but check the air filter. Dirty air filter = owner doesn't care about proper maintenance. Listen for any knocking. Oil at correct level and isn't milky or too dark.

May post this in the Honda forum and get better answers.

Hope that helps somewhat.

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