2007 KTM 450 XC Oil Leak

My 2007 KTM 450 XC decided to be evil.  After the first ride after some maintenance, the rear of the bike was coated in oil. I cleaned the bike, did a full oil change and it still leaks.  The oil leaks out of the port featured in this internet photo:



The last things that I did to it was:


 - Remove the clutch cover, remove the clutch basket, drill holes in the clutch basket to allow for more oil flow to eliminate the 1st gear clutch chatter)

- replace the countershaft seals, o-rings and spacers.


When I replaced the countershaft parts, I may have overfilled the oil. 


I cannot find that port on any of the fiche. It doesn't appear to be threaded.

My 07 450 EXC just started doing this same leak.  Cannot tell where it is coming from but coats the middle part of swingarm and shock spring.  Any progress?

I think the hole you are referring to is a hole that is drilled to complete an oil passage during manufacturing and has a steel ball pushed in. JB weld it.

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