Carb Adjustment Tool..........Super cool and super cheap !!!!!!

Hey guys, I posted this on the CRF side a while back and thought that the YZF guys could use the info since I use to be one. Check out the tool with the link provided. It works great for adjusting your fuel screw on the YZF's and it's like 2 bucks. :) We all love great, cheap tools.

One of our field service engineers at work showed me his Craftsman tool like the one you bought and I went looking for them but couldn't find it. I even asked and got the deer-in-the-headlights reply that you did. BUT, I went back today following your advice of looking around the cashiers and there they were, two of them, ripe for the picking. $1.99 ea. I bought them both because I have a bad habit of misplacing things like little tools.

Apparently word is out about these things though, they said they had a whole display of them a day or two before and I picked up the last two.

If you can't find it at Sears, Motion Pro makes the same thing, but includes 5 different tips which are made for Kehin carbs, so you can change out jets, etc. I got mine for 10 bucks and it includes a little pouch to hold it all.

Hey guys...made my own tool for free last night. I know that everyone has a few ratty screwdrivers sitting in thier toolboxes, sooooo.... I cut most of bot ends off, leaving enough of the handle to grab on to and enough of the now steel dowel to grind down into a flat blade screwdriver. Works great, didn't cost me a dime and got rid of a useless screwdriver that I would always pick up by accident :)

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