07 CRF450 having some bog down issues.

Here is my conundrum.  It idles fine and runs great in 1st 2nd and 3rd.  But randomly when I am running strong or even steadily in 4th and 5th the bike starts bogging down and feels flooded and sputters down through the gears.  Sometimes I can keep it running but it refuses to run correctly until it dies.  Then upon a 1-2 kick restart I have all my power back no sputters or problems.   I'm leaning more towards electrical problem?

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Bad stator

Bad stator

Would you test that with a multimeter?

Yup, bad stator or other electrical failure (harness/kill switch/connection)


Testing with a meter may not revel the issue. I suggest checking every pluge and do contitunity tests on all wires, jiggling them to see if the meter fluctuates.

I agree on stator but also check for freeflowing petcock, clean filter, and make sure ur overflows are drained. Also plug may be bad

Fuel cap venting system could be plugged...

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