White gunk in my radiator

Hey , im new to this site and was hopeing someone could help me. I found some white gunk in the coolant in my rad , what could cause this ?


Pics of said gunk. When's the last time the coolant was flushed ?

Bad water pump seal, most likely. Second possibility is head gasket. If bike runs fine otherwise, likely pump seal.

did it bring all the boys to the yard?


I would drain the transmission oil too and see if you find similar white gunk.


...you don't happen to have a mid 80's CR with a magnesium right cover do you?


google "engine milkshake"



My repair approach:

open ride side cover. replace all gaskets.

open head, open jug. Inspect piston. The purpose is to replace top end gaskets.. but also check the cylinder.

Consider new piston as well from now.

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