Will 2004 KX 250 plastic fit on 1999?

I started a thread earlier and I mistyped...I meant to ask if 2004 KX 250 shrouds and side plates will and/or can be manipulated to fit a 1999 KX 250?  The plastic on the 1999-2002's is lame.  I want a newer look...any recommendations/suggestions would be appreciated...


Won't fit directly but with access to the right tools machines you can do just about anything. So yes you can MAKE them fit, it might not be easy though. The real question is it worth all the work and money.

I think that some of the graphics kits out there can make it look less lame....At least they're up to date, unlike the plastic..... Come on, they don't look THAT out dated.  :ride:

Yea...thanks for the replies, they are appreciated.  I think my biggest issue with the plastic are the shrouds, I hate how they have the hole in them to expose the frame...i suppose I could just powder coat my frame black or find a graphics kit that covers it up...seems like I am endlessly dumping money into this bike...it better look as fast as it is going to be...I'm sure it will...pics to come!!  And by the way, I just got some hubs for my 1999 KX 250 from RAD Manufacturing in the middle of nowhere Utah and those guys do a badass job milling/anodizing hubs from billet aluminum any color you want...I highly recommend them if you are in the market for hubs, they are good dudes.

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