drz400sm speedo corrosion help w/circuit board

my speedometer on my 07' drz400sm w/ 3000miles, went blank the other day so I googled and found out it is a pretty common fix by opening up the speedo and resoldering a broken lead.  Opened up mine and found a diode/transistor (I don't know what its called) if you know the name please inform me.  I have been on the phone with Suzuki direct and they tell me I need to find a computer store for the part.  I cant even solder it back on because the leads are gone/missing.  In the pic I circled the problem in red.  Please let me know if pic is too small.

Can be useful information for some people because it seems many people have problems with corrosion on the circuit board.  Any help will be great!!!!  Please save me from spending $900 on a new speedo

circuit board.jpeg

Happened to mine. Opened it up the other day and seems to be fine.

did you get it fixed ?

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