Yamaha pw80 wont stay running

Hello everyone, on my (06?) yamaha pw80 the carb keeps leaking gas out of the tube, and it wont stay running, i tried messing around with the idle and needle. Also when it does run its really smokey then goes kinda not smokey then just shuts off. Thank you. 

Sounds like the float is sticking.

Carb is dirty and debris is causing the float to stick and slowly flood the engine. Debris is most likely from E10 fuel that was left sitting untreated for an extended period of time.

opened the carb (for the 8th time) cleaned it again, float is sitting FLUSH to the needle. (say you where looking at the float, the needle connector is straight) (if that makes sense) I can take pictures as well if it helps. Im starting to give up on it, tried everything and it just wants to run on half choke, i did notice when you're driving it around then switch it to no choke it runs until you let go of the throttle. 

If it has clean carb and requires the choke to run it may have a bad ignition side seal( sucking air) . The choke richens the mix to allow it to run.

Just get a carb rebuild kit. It comes with a needle and seat. They're inexpensive

Hello I have a pw80 2000 the engine recently seized up so I got s cylinder kit replaced everything (kickstart is broken) so I haft to bump it whenever i try and bump it it starts for 3-5 seconds than cuts off immediately any help (yes the sparkplug is gapped)

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