Cal City to Primm help


Hoping you guys can help me out with some ride planning. Im planning on doing a ride from cal city to primm and am looking for some help on directions from husky monument to the power line road to off of Minneola. I will take general directions, gps maps, google maps or just anything that can help. I have looked at past threads on this but there are no real directions from between these two points. Also just for some reference we all have desert tanks, but are not plated and are good riders so if there is a technical route I will take it.  

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I have a good gps track from Husky to Copper City Rd. / Irwin Rd. If youre interested.  Its includes some very special Mojave Mutts MC  trails. From this track end you can very easily get to gas at Minneola in less than 30 minutes on the easy stuff or more time if you want to explore. I don't have a track for this section but if you have a map, Gps, and basic navigation skills Minneola is very easy to find. A good basic paper map to carry on your adventure is AAA San Bernardino County map.


From Minneola I have a great route that basically mimics the old Barstow to Vegas race course out to Razor Rd. gas station that used to be first gas pit location for btoV races. Super fun!! Not sure if i layed down a track for this section (I'm one of those human GPS type dudes) but i'll check. Its a great route that stays west of the 15 freeway and doesnt go through Afton Canyon.


If you want tracks send me your email.


Glenn, AKA Mojave Mutt

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Hey Glenn I sent you a PM with my email.

+1 on the AAA map. Almost all the jeep trails in that area are on that map. Plus the mileage between points is very accurate. This will get you to The power line and beyond.

I've done that trip several times. There is some fun and scenic jeep trails between Baker and Primm. It shortens the amount of power line so it's a nice change of pace. Again, you'll see it on the AAA map.

Hey Glenn I sent you a PM with my email.


I emailed the track and other info to you this morming.

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