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California Whiskey Falls Labor day weekend.

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Me and bro jammed up to Whiskey on a midnight run friday night, for our Dads memorial trip . Set up tent and crashed out after some beers. Started off warming up on the main road, then hit some trails. Got to explore the area more (our second time)and it is really cool.


Alot of rides right up our skill level (blue trails) . I stalled and dropped the bike on one rocky step up and bro wrecked once and fell over another time, he also got stung by a bee. Lots of meat bees and wasps up there. I am usually the one going balls out way out of my skill level and wreck, but I have a baby on the way so I was extra careful.


Wasnt too smoky, seemed the smoke was up high making it look like an overcast day and keeping the temp down for us. Dusty as hell though. We wont be going back until after the rains come, but we knew it was dry... Mabey about ten different bikes, tons of campsites open. Sleep @ 10 up at 730 and home by 9am. Perfect trip!!


Next time Im thinking of staging/camping off Central Camp RD, and riding over to whiskey area, then back because there are some creeks to fish . Also Shuteye is accessible from CCR. Whiskey falls was barely at a trickle .




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