YZ 125 cut out in power band and won't start

I was riding in the trails with my friend and we got to a strait away.  While in the power band, half way through the the strait away the bike cuts out no bogging just died.  Then the bike won't even start.  There is spark.  I feel as if it is the card because when i try to kick it over 1. It doesn't start. 2. When i take the plug out  it is dry.  If it is the carb I would like to know what I can do and fast as possible because I am entering in my first race next week.  I can also post a quick video of the plug and me trying to start it so you can assess the situation a little better.

She's probably blown up man, you gonna be needing a new top end and pray the cylinder isn't scratched

I don't think it's blown up there is still compression.

Measure the compression is not a bad idea, with a dry plug I'd think its carb related but when you say its cuts out at half throttle my guess would be the coil or even the plug.

I'm betting on the rings my yz did the same thing

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