Anyone tried the new pro taper profile pro perch yet?

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1378424149.783027.jpgIf you have how do you like it?

That perch looks awesome, I got the renthals but this one caught my eye. Do they make a brake lever too ?

Looks like a higher end mountain bike brake perch

No brake lever I was thinking about buying one but I w gonna see what other people thought first

Its pretty awesome! just threw one on my 13 crf and i love it, alot of adjustability and has a "replace it if you break it" warranty

I love it. Had a works connection perch on my bike for a while but I rode a buddies bike with the pro taper perch. Loved it. Had a way better pull than the works connection perch. Bought one a week later and I love it still. Great perch.

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