Yamaha TW200 who`s out there?

The Yam TW200 is a thumper too!

Yep sure is....alot of TW''ers are on ADVRIDER & TW200 forum. There are some threads here on TT but not that many....Hello TW buddy.

Love it.

I stop by from time to time... Love mt Tdub!

Just got one a week ago and am in love w it!!!

I have backed up my XT640 Tenere with an '09 Tdub. It's such a fun bike! I've had it two weeks. It only had 650 miles when I bought it.

*ballistic Battery (about 5 pounds lighter)

*big foot pegs

*30mm bar risers

*renthal vintage desert bard (about 3-1/2" wider)

*yamaha hand guards off my XT

Absolutely love it! Fun factor times 10!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1384128148.284031.jpg

Same year as mine . Any issues with the Ballistic battery , I'm thinkin about a Shorai or Battery tender brand(s) ?.

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