Looking to buy a 200cc - 300cc trail bike

I have been looking for a while for a new bikeand have narrowed it down to a Trail bike between 200 and 300cc`s. I'm a fourteen year old who's 5`8, 150 pounds and will be riding mostly tight rooky trails and some sandy/gravely trails with friends. I'm selling my crf150f and looking for a new bike. I have done a lot of research and still have no idea what to get i`m leaning toward an xr, or ttr, 250 but i`m also thinking of a kdx what do you guys think. I have a 1500 dollar budget.

KDX all the way.

+1000   :thumbsup:


I keep hearing that the KTM 300 is the bomb, but I'd love to run the KDX head to head with one. I think it would be tough to beat... A lot cheaper too.

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+1 KDX. Never owned one but rode with a couple guys with them. Great bike for your size and weight. Good low end for the tight single and light. 200 to 250cc's should do the trick. I rode a Can-am 200 2 stroke when I was your age. Perfect for any off-road riding!

Same here. Go with the KDX. The KDX is a lot more bike for the dollar!!! More suspension, More power, Just a better over all deal and there is a ton of used after market parts for the KDX!! Plus being its a two stroke the KDX is not ported like the MX's are. It has low rpm power where the mx's are more a higher revving bike.


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