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Devol Front Disc guard

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Hey all, a year ago i bought a Devol front disc guard for my XR400, I bought it as new old stock and tried fitting it once and found it didn't fit. I was in a hurry so took it off and forgot about it. Here in Australia Devol isn't all that popular so there is nothing in the way of support even from the supposed Australian importer. I have been able to figure out that the guard requires a 3mm shorter spacer than stock on the brake side about as thick as the guard material is, but like I said I haven't been able to get any part info or fitting info. If any one in the US of A has any experience with Devol stuff please drop me a line or two.


If it helps at all I have a speedo gear eliminator fitted due to havung a trail tech but that looks like it only takes up the standard thickness from the speedo gear (???)


Thanks for any help in advance. 

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