650 Rear Fender on a 600?

I own an '83 XL600 that needs a few things, one of them being a complete rear fender. I'm not going for a restoration, but would prefer original used parts. Although I can get an aftermarket plastic fender, I'm having no luck finding the inner metal fender support. Not to mention a good used tail light.

What I can find is the tubular metal support and plastic fender for the XR650. The tail loght is a little more lo-profile which I like.

Question is, given that I'm a fabricator accustomed to making and/or modifying parts, would it be possible, without too much trouble to attach a 650 support and fender to my 600?

Thanks in advance for any replies/advice!

how about this?


Something like that would be fine, but again I'm curious as to how difficult it would be to attach the tubular steel rear fender support from an XR650 to the frame of my XL600. Any experience with this?

dont need it.

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